Address: Eryaman 3.Etap Şeyh Şamil Mah. 1. TBMM Caddesi 142. Sok. Tepe Blokları 17337 Ada B3/2 D: 4 Etimesgut - Ankara
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I was born in Ankara. In 1982 I got the faculty of Gazi University dentistry. I graduated in 1987. I could not work a year because I could not find a job like I wanted. At that time, either you were falling into the hands of falsifiers who worked in illegal dirty conditions, or you had a job to pass the exam that the State opened and find the torpedo. The hospital conditions were not very different from the working conditions of the counterfeiters. These were easy choices. I did not choose it when I got the exam of the health ministry. I chose the hardest but right thing to offer dental care in the ideal world standards. In

1989, I opened my teeth clinic by forcing my own possibilities. I have been serving with enthusiasm for 25 years. I attended more than 100 international and national dental congresses and seminars. Continuous Dental Health Certificate (SDE) is always hanging in my clinic. I've always been followers and practitioners of innovative developments. I mean, I can say I race with myself. While I was developing myself, I tried to train my teammates on a continuous basis. Because I believe that you will be achieved by working with a good partner who works with love, enthusiasm, work and love of people and true success. The goal is always to run better as a team. I strongly believe that the best investment is human investment.