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Born in Ankara in 1960. In 1978 entered İstanbul University Faculty of Dentistry. Graduated in 1983. In the university he had been the assistant of Professor Peker Sandallı who was the Dean of the İstanbul University.He had studied as a volunteer assistant in the  maxillofacial surgery department. He has been working in his clinic for 27 years.

He sucsessfully applies all the branches and subbranches of dentistry except orthodentistry in his clinic.He is the one of the founder members of Turkish Society of Oral Implantology and Turkish Society of Oral Surgery as well. He is also the member of the following societies. Periodontology, EDAD(Academy of Esthetic Dentistry, Academy of Laser Dentistry. He has performed seminars in 6 international kongress and seminars in 18 national congress. He attended over 150 congress so far. In 1985 he had made a human portre using teeths of his patients. He applied for the honour of world’s records but it is a unique portre that it can‘t be compared with any other similar work.

In his clinic the latest models of many dental units and instruments are present such as hard and soft laser, bleaching system, panoramic X ray, wand anesthesics system, intra oral camera systems. In his family there are 34 doctors and other medical scientists.